Reception Area
Waiting Room
Group counseling room.
Kenyon College Health & Counseling Center
Gambier, OH
The new Cox Health and Counseling Center at Kenyon College takes its cue from the region’s architectural traditions. It’s white clapboard with a standing-seam painted metal roof, lighted cupola and a small “porch” at the front entrance give a feeling of welcome, concern and discretion, signaling that this is a building designed for students’ physical and mental wellbeing. The building redefines the streetscape from an unused alley in the heart of The Village of Gambier to a dynamic building conveniently located between the college’s two residential clusters. Its interior and layout are student-centric, designed for quick access to treatment and counseling that is discrete and private.

The main floor layout features a waiting room and an adjacent conference room that can be used by student organizations; it is separate from the heath care suite and can be used after hours. The corridor leading to the treatment area has controlled access by a receptionist’s desk and the business manager’s office directly opposite. Just beyond, a large nurse’s station is open and welcoming, and features visual sightlines to all of the adjacent examination rooms.

The second floor counseling center, where students go for psychological counseling is designed with discretion and privacy in mind. There is a broad, naturally lit back stairway leading to a separate, discreet waiting room. The counseling rooms are arranged to have beautiful and peaceful views of adjacent lawns and campus vistas. There is a room for prevention and peer counseling, and another small conference room for group counseling and peer support groups.




10,300 SF