The overall massing reads as a series of dining pavilions with a stair tower marking the main entry.
Forest Dining Hall is an important social hub for Indiana University's East of Jordan neighborhood.
The main level is a dynamic "public street," connecting two areas of campus and all the dining and servery areas.
A popular venue for students, the frozen yogurt is conveneintly located on the main circulation path.
A range of restaurant-grade venues provide choice and offer students diverse menu options.
Transparent materials bring natural light into the servery.
A range of intimate dining areas and seating options provide choice.
Transparent materials in the North Dining Room connect the dining areas to the microrestaurants.
An intimate seating area in the West Dining Rooms was designed to encourage study throughout the day.
West Dining Room
The dining hall seeks to be a student magnet for dining and non-meal period socialization.
A grand piano in the cafe is a popular amenity used by students.
Level two includes student lounge and study areas.
Ground level plan
Second level plan
Lower level plan
BIM model
Existing conditions
Existing conditions
Existing conditions
Forest Dining Hall, Indiana University Bloomington
Bloomington, Indiana
In support of Indiana University's significant commitment to reinvigorating student life on the Bloomington campus, GUND Partnership completed a major renovation to the Forest Quad, a 1970s residential complex in the East of Jordan campus district. This project included a 53,500-square-foot renovation and addition that transforms the center of Forest Quad into a new 714-seat dining hall. The solution creates a main path through the center of the building connecting a series of dining pavilions with diverse restaurant grade serveries, or micro-restaurants. The program of spaces was developed based on an analysis of the projected number of students living in the Read/Forest neighborhood, interviews and surveys with students and staff, as well as benchmarking against other university facilities throughout the Midwest.

The main north/south pedestrian path through the facility connects the Dining Hall to the adjacent Forest Quad to the south and the historic Kinsey Hollow landscaped quad to the north. The overall massing of the new facility will read as a series of dining pavilions with a stair tower element denoting the main entry. The existing loading dock, which currently faces out toward Jones Avenue, will be replaced with a new two-story glass and limestone façade that recalls the architectural elements of the central campus. New outdoor dining terraces will further enhance this major east/west campus pathway and weave the Dining Hall into the fabric of the burgeoning East of Jordan neighborhood.




53,500 SF


Photos by Chuck Choi