Shaded sitting areas and expansive linear parkland are popular amenties for workers.
In the spirit of the Celebration Modern style, the buildings incorporate art moderne and art deco details.
The new complex creates a front door to Disney's Celebration community.
Celebration Office Building
Celebration, Florida
Located just outside the growing city of Orlando, Florida, this new office complex is organized by a 2.2-mile palm-lined boulevard, creating another front door to Disney’s Celebration community. Along this major boulevard, a series of interventions knit together a sequence of arrival. As a key marker along Celebration Boulevard, these office buildings echo a variety of styles. This series of individual buildings, created in the Celebration Modern style, reflects art moderne and art deco influences, characterized by sleek lines and sparse ornamentation. A double row of Washington palms lines the entire boulevard, highlighting an expanse of linear parkland for employees. The buildings are organized to include sitting areas under the shade of trees and trellises along their frontage. The trellises also create attractive entrances to pedestrian-friendly parking rooms adjacent to all buildings.




350,000 SF


Urban Land Institute, American Architecture Award


Robert Benson