The 26-story residential tower creates a new landmark in the University district of Philadelphia.
A larger floor plate on the ground level houses retail units to activate the street edge.
The site is located in the heart of Philadelphia's University district.
A primary driver of the building concept was to provide residents with open view corridors.
Shifting the position of the tower on the site opens vistas and creates plazas on each side of the tower..
The distinct building components emphasize the building's verticality.
3601 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This landmark project creates a dynamic, forward-looking response to the spirit of discovery, innovation, energy and vitality that defines the University district of Philadelphia. GUND Partnership completed a conceptual design study for a signature 26-story tower. The design capitalizes on the prominence of the site and creates a dramatic new gateway building with a strong sense of identity, strength and spirit.

Comprised of three main elements, the 475,000 square-foot building includes: the podium, which animates the intersection of two prominent avenues with glass-enclosed retail bays and dramatic entry lobby; the tower, clad in pre-cast concrete animated by spacious balconies and the grouping of windows to enhance the building’s verticality; and a bold, glass form that extends from the ground plane to the top of the tower, marking the significance of the eastern approach.

A primary driver of the building concept was to provide residents with open view corridors. By angling the tower on the site, vistas on either side are opened. Plazas are created on both sides of the tower; one plaza takes advantage of morning sun while the other benefits from afternoon sun. Rotating the tower off-axis provides a larger floor plate, variation to the rhythm of buildings along the street. The parallelogram terminates flush with the street edge to create a strong street level presence and clear entry sequence for residents.


2012 (Conceptual Design)


475,000 SF


Renderings by GUND Partnership